1. This Cross

This is a deep song besides the obvious message of governments trying to prohibit crosses in public. However, there is a deeper meaning to this song if you think of the lyrics from Jesus prospective while he was being hung on the cross...think about it. It's deep but the revelation is awesome! Written around 4am in Lubbock, Texas. I wept for an hour after I wrote this song.


This Cross
words & music by David Vaters ©2014 ASCAP

Don’t take this cross
Don’t take this cross
Don’t take this cross from me
Don’t take this cross

I’ve know you form the beginning Regardless of the lies
I’ve been on a rescue mission To take your place and die
If I hadn’t had this burden If I hadn’t known your toll
If I hadn’t had known your sorrow I wouldn’t be the one

Don’t take this cross down
Don’t’ take my cup
Don’t take it from me
I’ll drink it up
Don’t take this suffering
They will be done
Salvations coming and my work is done

When you find yourself in trouble You try hard but always fail
I took all your pain and suffering So just call out my name
If your still wondering about me And if what I said was true
Look up to the cross I hung on And the blood I spilled for you

Chorus repeat 2x
Don’t take this cross don’t take this cross don’t take this cup from me I’ll drink it up