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"It is classic David’s Vaters - nothing new out there now like it." 
 Mike Smith - Michael Smith & Associates Nashville, TN.

VOLUME 3 Coming soon!

"It is classic David’s Vaters - nothing new out there now like it." Mike Smith - Michael Smith & Associates Nashville, TN.


"Flying" (releasing 02/20/2020) is David Vaters 2nd single from his forthcoming A Voice in the Wilderness VOLUME 3 album due out later in 2020. For his 3rd studio album, David Vaters stays true to the uncomplicated messages that have served the Canadian country rocker so well over his career. 

Vaters shines in the spotlight as he offers inspired tracks containing catchy guitar riffs and singalong choruses that makes you feel right at home with the singer-songwriter’s classic and familiar sound.

Vaters dishes out plenty of infectious Americana alt Country rhythms with an inspiring message about realizing your dreams without ever forgetting your roots.

Between the potency of his richly detailed songwriting, his intensely emotional, soulful vocals David Vaters is a true musical treasure. Vaters had earned 10's of thousands of fans since his debut album Volume 1 A Voice in the Wilderness release in 2017 and follow up release Volume 2 in 2018!  


Millennial's prefer music from 20th century ‘golden age’ to the pop of today, research suggests


“Ya know, in this time in history there needs to be voices in the wilderness crying out an urgent message of hope and redemption.” David Vaters says with serious intent.

David said, "As Dylan wrote, The Times they are a changing" and I really feel these two albums are a enlightening call that very soon (If not already) we will be required to take a stand for right verses wrong, good verses evil and darkness verses light.  

Further, David said, “I think what people will hear is something different yet very familiar.

Different in terms of what I hope is a really honest and sincere message to everyone to wake up out of the distractions of social media, television and striving to accumulate stuff and be grateful for all that we have been given."

Familiar to the listener, in that David's style is a Classic Americana sound meaning it is multi-genres like Country, Rock & Folk that many long to hear!

David added, “Ya may or may not dig the common sense and classic messages in my music. That's just what comes out! Let's call it traditional influences in these albums but, give the music and lyrics a chance and I hope fans get the message. 

We as human beings are flawed. Period.  So as flawed human beings it is only by the good lords grace we can have hope that so many of us seem to desperately need these days. I like to write songs in a uncomplicated, compelling way that people will get it. It comes down to being relevant, real and true to yourself.”

David deliberately steps into a creative and artistic relevant way crafting his style that is varied, but uniquely David Vaters, in Americana, Rock, Country & Folk peppered with a collection of compelling songs with a unique sense of musical innovation. No wonder many fans and music critics liken Vaters to Dylan, Tom Petty & Springsteen. 
“I feel like it’s a good season regardless of the hopelessness we see in the media and around the world every day,” Vaters says, leaning back into the leather chair in the studio in Alabama. “After writing hundreds of songs I have to say I’m pretty passionate about the tunes on this (soon to be released) 3rd album! I am really excited about how they are going to move the listener, especially if they take the time to hear the lyrics and the recording nuances of the live off the floor players (in most cases). I’m having fun and I’m excited about this final album in the Trilogy."

As an indie artist David has done in 3 years where many took years to achieve! As David says, "We are so grateful for the fans for the millions of downloads, streams and views of our video's as well!"

David’s next project is focused on being high-energy, genre defying and taking a progressive approach to creating sounds and styles that are reminiscent of classic records, with his own special sauce of 'spirituality and human condition' placed on top of it. Clearly drawn from his life experiences and personal beliefs with a reliance that resonant with his growing fan base.

So, we hope you will download David's music, get your favorite beverage, take a close listen, enjoy and be blessed!

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OCT 2019 NUMBER #1 WORLDWIDE SINGER SONGWRITER ON REVERBNATION May 2017 Number #103 top selling Rock Album Sales on iTunes Australia April 2017 Number #2 top selling album on iTunes Mexico May 2017 Number #2 on Reverb Singer/Songwriter Chart in Nashville ”

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