Singer Songwriter David Vaters

Between the potency of his richly detailed songwriting, his intensely emotional, soulful vocals David Vaters is a true musical find for music lovers and audio files. Vaters had earned 10's of thousands of fans since his debut album Volume 1 - A Voice in the Wilderness release in 2017, Volume 2 in 2018 and the final Voice in the Wilderness album Volume 3 was released in 2020. In 2021 thru 2022 Vaters worked on serveral projects including the release of several singles and in 2024 David released a latin chill instrumental EP Gateway To Paradise. Currently David has yet again shown his musicianship by releasing to Secular and Christian Hot AC/CHR Pop radio most recently a single called YOU BRING ME BACK TO LIFE.

David Vaters has been releasing singles for his up coming  studio endeavor entitled ‘Gateway to Paradise,’ the album comes on the heels of Vater’s three volume solo work which was released to critical acclaim & to date with over 40 million streams and views on digital music platforms. Infusing both Americana and Rock music with elements of alternative country, pop/rock, and, Vaters has quickly defined himself as a wholly unique talent quite unlike any other act in the music industry.

Huffington Post, stated, “David's music is creative and original, suffused with an ardent spiritual awareness rare in today’s music industry.”   "An artist that have critics calling ‘Vaters artistry’ “nothing if not mature, deftly crafted and powerful.” 

Vaters radio play in increasing exponentially including BBC radio, Sky 1 Radio in the UK and 100's of radio stations in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Latin America. David's video's have 100's of thousands of views on YouTube!

Many independent artists that enjoy substantial critical acclaim are met with a less enthusiastic, niche audience. Vaters defies the norm in this regard, as his genre-spanning style as a song writer has landed him on a number of notable charts. Volume 1 achieved 50+ million music streams on digital music platforms. From his charting on iTunes rock charts in Australia and other countries, Vaters has proved his relevance as a talent to take note of. 

David stated in a recent radio interview in Athens, Greece,  “Lyrically, faith is a huge part of my life so obviously that comes out. My songwriting does come out of my personal and life experiences. 

So, people pick up on what they want to pick up on and its really cool when i hear from people who connect deeply to one of my songs. That alone makes me just want to make good music that has a relatable message that people can draw encouragement and hope from. So, I kinda just sow good seeds into people and that’s really what its all about.” 

The veteran performer and songwriter honed his skills for many years recording on both sides of the Atlantic. Now on his own, Vaters has called upon colleagues to help his creative vision unfold. Some of the industry’s finest talent is on display on these albums, including musicians who have worked with the likes of Vince Gill, Peter Frampton, Kenny Loggins, Amy Grant, and others.

CCM Magazine featured David in an interview recently describing him as, - Something new, all over again! His albums have been rated 4.25 stars by the editor of CCM Magazine! recently stated, “A Voice In The Wilderness Volume 1” may be the best, most influential debut Americana album produced by any independent musician in the past decade, if not longer.  

“If this is the first album of his out of the starting blocks, at least in a titular sense, imagine what gems are likely to follow,” raved Dave Franklin of Los Angeles - The Plug.  

David’s next project is focused on being genre defying and taking a progressive approach to creating sounds and styles that are reminiscent of both current & classic records, with his own special sauce of 'spirituality and human condition' placed on top of it. Clearly drawn from his life experiences and personal beliefs with a reliance that resonant with his growing fan base.