1. Missing You

From the recording Missing You

Music Artist David Vaters Offers Song Relating to Missing Friends & Family During Pandemic with New Single ‘Missing You’

NASHVILLE. TN - Feb 14, 2022 – David Vaters is about to release an uplifting and hopeful song that rhythmically soothes the soul. At some point in life we all realize how much we miss interaction with friends & family including those loved ones that have passed on. Either way it’s never easy. In fact, over the past 2 years more often than not it’s a lonely & sometimes painful experience. That’s the sentiment that Canadian-born artist David Vaters is trying to capture on his newest single “MISSING YOU.”

With “Missing You” which is set to drop on Feb. 1 to radio and Feb 14th on music streaming services, Vaters said he wants to provide listeners a sense of hope and yes, even joy during times of life that are often the most difficult.

Uplifting (Tom Petty/ Traveling Wilbury's like) lyrics include the chorus “I'm Missing you I'm Missing you I'm Wishing you were here.'

“A lot of people in our lives that we just have not seen recently during this pandemic and I began to think about this and thought this is one way to express how much we appreciate our friends and family and how it is so important to say hey i miss you when we are not together!” Vaters said.