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I got questions for ya honey
Questions for ya boy
Do ya spend every minute on your phone
Watching things that you shouldn’t
Are you mesmerized by cable news
And things that are really useless
Do You follow all the celebrities
Is this the life that your choosing

I got questions I got questions

Are you really so surprised
That the world is not your savior
You buy cars and homes and jewelry
Will you take them to your grave later
Are your family & friends sitting next to you
But you don’t even notice
Are you texting while you're driving your car
Risking lives as you lose focus
I got questions
I got questions

Do you dream of having lots of money
Would you count it every day
Would you wish that you had even more
But you can't spend it all anyway
Do you wish you were a techno king
Maybe Ruler of the world
Where everyone bows down to you
Everything I own is yours
I got questions I got questions

I got questions about your intentions
And the operations that their running
I got questions bout all my data flow
And where it all going
I got questions about my servitude
New rules for bad behavior
Thank God I know who my God is
Cause social media ant my savior

Will you answer all my questions
Or ignore the simple truth
Will you Dodge my every inquiry
With a question that you already knew...
Will you try change the subject
Take the spotlight off of you
Well There’s a special place in hell
If you don’t tell the truth

I got questions
I got questions
I got questions