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I wrote this on a rainy day in a hotel room in Franklin, Tennessee. I wanted to tell my wife just how much I love her. I'm not a perfect man but I love her more than I can put into words. So, how do I love thee? 8 ways from Sunday! Thank you Susie for also loving me 8 ways from Monday thru Sunday!


Eight ways to Sunday Words and music by David Vaters ASCAP 2015

Monday comes and goes without a sweat
She’s smiling even when I may forget Her birthday or some special time like when we first met
Now Tuesday’s laundry and picking up clothes
I go to work and I don’t even know She’s praying on her knees each day for us to be so close
She loves eight ways from Sunday

Now Wednesday thru Friday I’m on the road
A turn around 10,000 miles I roam I’m thinking of my girl my woman I left at home
I tremble as I try to find speed dial Hey I’m turning my life around I’ll be home in a while
Tears fall now on my face and only with Gods grace I begin to smile
She loves me eight ways for Sunday
Eight ways for Sunday

Sometimes she feels she hasn’t done enough
the good lord and I know that its been so rough
One thing’s for sure and for evermore we’ll have each other’s love….. eight ways from Sunday

It used to be every weekend I’d be gone
But now I’m taking care of things at home I’m committed to loving you all day long
I love you eight ways from Sunday
Eight ways from Sunday

I love her so and I’ll never let her go
I love her eight ways from Sunday
Eight ways from Sunday – one thing is for sure for evermore I love her eight ways from Sunday.